Our Story

Spencer Williams grew up in a small desert town in Southern California. Living in a town barren of any major entertainment, Spencer began to live in a constant craving for magic and fantasy. Thus, Spencer became fascinated with fashion, film, television, music, and gaming. In 2013, Spencer graduated high school and moved to Downtown Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. While studying fashion design, Spencer began to work in the campuses public relations office. Spencer’s first event was none other than the prestigious FIDM Museum’s Annual “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition”. Being surrounded by the beautiful costumes and world renowned costume designers left a lasting impression on Spencer, sparking a new obsession.

Years later as an Events Coordinator at his Alma Mater, Spencer began to organize panels of costume designers benefiting students who are interested in joining the costume design field. As Spencer’s connections within the costume design field began to grow, so did his love for the craft. Then in 2019, Spencer decided it was time to share his love for costume design on a international and launched The Art of Costume.

The Art of Costume

The Art of Costume is a blog dedicated highlighting the best in motion picture, television, music, and gaming costume design. This blog focuses not only on incredible costumes of today, but costume design throughout history. Costume designers are the unsung heroes of entertainment. It is a costume designer’s job to push the narrative of our favorite stories by bringing characters to life. Entertainment as we know it would not be what it is today without the creativity and passion of the costume design industry. It is the mission of The Art of Costume to shine a spotlight on the world’s great designers.